Why Choose Samui over Phuket

10 Reasons to Choose Samui instead of Phuket

Why choose Samui over Phuket? This question is tricky to answer for many reasons. Samui and Phuket are respectively the second and first most popular holiday destinations in southern Thailand, both of them welcoming millions of visitors every year.

We had to scratch our heads to answer this question, and eventually found 10 reasons to choose Samui instead of Phuket to spend the ultimate tropical holiday. All of these reasons make sense, even though, in the end, it’s really a matter of personal taste. Even though many people will disagree, check out the reasons why we think Samui is a better place to stay than Phuket below.

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Beach chairs

Beach chairs

Samui beaches have a real advantage over Phuket’s (as for now, at least) because Samui has been allowed to keep their sun loungers in the sand. They were removed from Phuket beaches in 2014 by authorities as it was deemed these areas are public land. This law has not been applied yet in Samui so it still gives beachgoers in Samui a comfortable place to laze back and soak up the sun.


Smaller island, easier to explore

Lamai Beach

Samui and Phuket are respectively 230 km² and 540 km². The smaller size of Samui allows you to get to any beach or attraction pretty quickly. Samui International airport is 10 to 20 minutes’ drive away from the four main beaches of the island; namely, Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut, and Maenam.


More budget friendly

Samui Pier Beach Front Resort

Even though prices for food and shopping are rather similar in Phuket and Samui, the latter offers a better holiday destination for budget travellers. The main difference for travelling on the cheap is that hostels and guesthouses are more plentiful in Samui, and are often available just a short distance from the beaches. You should check out our 10 best beachfront hotels for less than US$ 100 in Samui – the kind of page we could not have for Phuket…


More beachfront hotels

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

There are more beachfront hotels in Samui than Phuket. Hotels and resorts are on average of a smaller size in Samui, many of them offering bungalows (traditional or modern) or villas right on the seaside on almost all beaches around the island. It gives Samui and true tropical vacation feel. If you are looking for exclusivity, you should have a look at our 10 hotels with their own beach in Samui…


Calm waves all year

Koh Samui

The waters around Samui are known for being calm almost all year round. Only during low season, from September to November, or during occasional storms, the sea can be turbulent. This is due to the fact that Samui is protected by its position in the Gulf of Thailand. In high and hot season, it gives family with children a safe and pleasant environment to frolic and swim in the warm water.


More relaxed atmosphere

Lat Ko Viewpoint

Samui has somewhat of a more relaxed atmosphere than Phuket. The difference may not be obvious when you are already settled on a peaceful remote beach, or stuck in the traffic at rush hour, but Samui is more laid-back and retains a certain tropical feel that Phuket has less and less of due to the over-development of most of its major resort towns.


More beachfront restaurants and bars

Ark Bar Beach Resort

Samui is a better place to lunch or dine on the beach than Phuket. It hosts a lively scene of beach clubs, restaurants and bars settled right on most its major beaches. From laid-back dining on cushions and mats around low tables in Chaweng to more formal settings with standard tables and chairs in Bophut, every style of beach dining is at hand in Samui, for all budgets.


Wilder beach parties

Nikki Beach Koh Samui

In line with the larger number of beach clubs hosted in Samui than in Phuket, the island offers a great place to party on the sand as many of its beachfront restaurants become open-air discos after dark. Places such as Ark Bar in Chaweng and Nikki Beach in Lipa Noi to name just a few, are bustling places to party. A few minutes by boat from Samui, Koh Phangan is also world-wide famous for its Full Moon Parties held on Haad Rin Beach.


Less westernized

Fisherman’s Village Samui

The urban landscape of the main resort towns in Samui is less westernised than in Phuket. The traditional Thai architectural styles can still be seen in Lamai, and especially in Bophut, which kept its genuine Fisherman’s Village almost in the state it was 50 years ago. Unlike Phuket, Samui did not yet to start build high-rise buildings and huge condominiums all over the island.


More Walking Streets

Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

Walking Streets are outdoor markets organised on a street closed to traffic for the occasion. Usually held once a week, they allow visitors to sample street food and shop for souvenirs, T-shirts, and handcrafted goods. In Phuket, only Phuket Town has a walking street every Sunday. In Samui, each major resort town holds one once a week, except Chaweng which features a quasi-permanent walking street (closed on Fridays and Sundays). Lamai Walking Street is on held on Sundays, Bophut’s on Fridays, and Maenam’s on Thursdays. These night markets are extremely popular.

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