Koh Samui Restaurants

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  • Lamai Beach Restaurants & Dining

    Lamai Beach Restaurants

    Lamai has lots to offer whatever your budget. From expensive four-star restaurants to restaurants that don't even have names, there are great dining experiences to be had. Read More...

  • Bophut Beach Restaurants

    Bophut Beach Restaurants

    Bophut is one of the best places to eat on Koh Samui, especially if its a romantic evening you're after. Away from the crowds of Chaweng but still with plenty of choice of restaurants and cuisine. Read More...

  • Maenam Restaurants & Dining

    Maenam Restaurants

    Maenam beach is one of Samui's prettiest and quietest beaches. There are plenty of restaurants to suit every budget, from five-star dining to more casual local venues. Read More...

  • Big Buddha Beach Restaurants

    Big Buddha Beach Dining

    Big Buddha beach might be one of the quieter beaches on Samui but there are still lots of fine restaurants and eateries. The selection ranges from delicious pub grub to quirky cafes. Read More...

  • South East Coast Dining

    South East Coast

    Step off the beaten tourist track and discover Samui's hidden culinary gems. The south east coast is still fairly untouched by tourism and this shows in both the great prices and rustic settings. Read More...

  • West Coast Dining

    West Coast Dining

    Koh Samui's undeveloped west coast is a great place to go to enjoy local dishes in a secluded atmosphere. On this side of the island the cuisine is mainly traditional Thai fare at great prices - and generally spicy enough to take your head off! Read More...

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