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  • Beach Dining in Koh Samui

    Where to Dine and What to Eat in Koh Samui

    Chaweng Beach is six kilometres long and features for the most part powdery white sand. The sea is never rough and dangerous here and many people find strolling along at dusk after a hard day doing nothing a relaxing activity.

    Chaweng Beach at night seems worlds apart from the noisy hustle and bustle of the Beach Road with all its neon lights, hawkers and crowded bars whereas in reality it is no more than 300 metres away.


  • For many years now many stand-alone restaurants have been tapping into an inventive option for resort guests and passers by: Beach Dining.

    Just before the sun drops into the western hills smartly dressed staff begin laying out mats, 'mon' (brightly coloured lounging cushions), short-legged tables and lamps, some electric, some flaming torches set in the sand, giving an Arabic-like nomad feel to the evening. In some cases the wooden beach chairs you have been using all day to enjoy the sun on are in the evening converted into platforms to sit and dine on.

    Each restaurant does it slightly different of course but it is quite an eye-opener to pass by ad hoc removable 'restaurants' on the cream-coloured sand under the moon and the stars.

    Island-wide Beach Dining

    Lamai Beach now has joined this tropical dining experience and offers a quieter and maybe a bit more laid-back experience than at Chaweng. This romantic style of dining is also possible at Peace Resort on Bophut Beach towards Maenam.

    The Impiana at Chaweng Noi also offers beach dining in its grounds and there are many resorts, not only along Chaweng Beach but island wide that have tables-and-chairs beach restaurant arrangements.

    But for a sheer pasha experience, dining on cushions in the sand at Chaweng is hard to beat.

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