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Koh Samui Nightlife

  • Q Bar Samui

    Chaweng Nightlife


    If you’ve ever been to Bangkok’s Q Bar then you’ll know of its groovy, chic, hi-so reputation. Samui’s Q Bar may have the same name but most similarities abruptly end there. Set on a hillside above Chaweng with views out over the lake and town, the place is perfect for sunset, even if it is facing the wrong way.

    Here, you’ll dance to top international DJs but people don’t start coming in till late so Q Bar really doesn’t start happening until at least 23:00. But when it happens here it really does swing, with live strolling guitarists and saxophonists mingling with the crowds.

    Similarly, if you’re a quick drinker or of a thirsty disposition you’d better count your baht before heading up towards the large ‘Q’ sign seen from below as drinks here are not only expensive but are also heavily taxed. You’ll pay for the swank here.

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  • Outside, the Lounge Bar has the views and the inside Electro Bar booms out bass lines that keep dancers on their toes. Of the two bars, the Lounge is the more sociable as the level of volume inside is an impediment to conversation.

    With discreet and muted fluorescent lighting and a modernistic design, Q Bar is haven for well-heeled partygoers.

    • Q Bar Samui entrance
    • DJ booth

    Q Bar Samui

    • Opening Hours: 17:00 - 02:00
    • Location: Above north Chaweng – look out for the huge ‘Q’ sign on the hillside
    • Remarks: Live Percussion everyday
    • Tel: 086 940 8667 or 077 962 420
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