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  • Buying Property in Koh Samui

    Although Samui currently offers land and houses to meet most budgets, prices are rising all the time. For now, the market is driven by two key factors: choice and affordability. Buying property on Samui should be a relatively stress free experience. As in the rest of Thailand, there are three major avenues available to prospective buyers. The first two are Leasehold, in the form of a 30 year renewable lease on land and Limited Leasehold, which is for any period of less than 30 years (decided on by the seller) and is normally non-renewable.

    The final title available is Freehold. Although the law governing freehold is under governmental review, it is currently available only to Thai nationals or registered Thai companies. A foreigner can only own 39% of a Thai company that owns freehold land. It is advisable to seek full and comprehensive consultation from brokers and developers before deciding on the most suitable option.

  • Brokerages

    These companies don't own land, but maintain a portfolio of land they know to be for sale around the island and will liaise between the buyer and seller to help make purchasing as smooth as possible. Many brokerages like Zen Property also maintain a portfolio of rental properties, which many of the larger land & house companies, as well as individual owners, use in addition to their own rental service.

  • Management Companies

    Land and House Management companies own large estates, which they sell in individual plots. The buyer may be expected to build in a particular style of house and will have to pay a monthly management fee. In return, the company will provide a comprehensive service, including villa rentals, security and maintenance. Samui has a number of companies currently providing mangement services.

  • Independent Developers

    These companies buy large areas of undeveloped land, provide road access, ensure utility supply and then split them into individual plots for sale. Once sold, the company maintains no financial or management interest in the land - it is up to the owners, as a collective or individually, to maintain the land and make decisions regarding security, rentals and maintenance.

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