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The Ang Thong marine Park is made up of over 40 islands spread over 100 square kilometres in the Gulf of Thailand. Declared a National Marine Park in 1980, it is made up of hundreds of limestone monoliths creating a group of strikingly beautiful and uninhabited islands. It is full of exotic beaches, hidden bays, untouched wildlife and fantastic sailing – 'Ang Thong' means Golden Basin, and gave Alex Garland the inspiration for the world famous book/movie 'The Beach'.

Located to the northwest of Koh Samui, the marine park is just a day's sail away and rewards you with plenty of idyllic anchorages with just pure nature around. Largely untouched, Read More...


Koh Phangan lies 12km to the northwest of Koh Samui and is much less developed than Samui. Famous for its Full Moon Parties, Koh Phangan is a favourite destination for backpackers. Koh Phangan’s beaches remain largely undeveloped and some of its more remote beaches are only accessible by boat.

The island is famous for its waterfalls, beautiful natural rock formations, and lovely beaches along with a young crowd chilling out in bamboo beach bars. There is plenty of accommodation and fantastic beach restaurants for real Thai cuisine and provisioning is widely available at most anchorages. Read More...


Koh Samui made its name 30 years ago when backpackers discovered this idyllic island with its white-powder sand beaches, rocky bays swaying palm trees and beautiful clear waters with coral reefs. Today Samui has something for everyone’s taste and budget along with lots of activities to choose from. Enjoy international fine cuisine, the fantastic scenery or just dig the relaxed island atmosphere.

Samui has a very exciting coastline with endless bays and rocky coves to discover. Joining in or chartering one of our yachts is definitely one of the most satisfying ways of seeing the beauty of this island and its azure surroundings. We are looking forward to welcoming you Read More...


Near Koh Phangan lies the third largest island in the Samui archipelago, Koh Tao. 'Koh Tao' means Turtle Island due to the one-time abundance of breeding turtles there. The island is covered with thick tropical vegetation and white-sand beaches.

Koh Tao is known locally as one the best diving destinations in the Gulf of Thailand and whale sharks are often seen in these waters. It's also the best place in this area for snorkeling. Whilst offering beautiful anchorages with turquoise-clear water, the island also offers a cosy little harbour town with various international cuisines and good provisioning possibilities. Read More...

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