Koh Samui Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Koh Samui

There are hundreds of shopping bargains to be had on Samui at almost every corner of the island. The main shopping sites are in Chaweng, Lamai and Nathon but there are shops worth visiting elsewhere on Samui. Nathon usually has the cheapest deals, Chaweng the most choice and Lamai a nice range of quirky little stores.

Thailand is famous for its copies of almost everything from watches to trainers to CDs. Most department stores are fixed price but you can bargain almost everywhere else and it never hurts to ask! Just keep it polite and friendly; you and the vendor should both be happy with the final price.


Top10 Shopping
Top 10 Samui Shopping Top 10 Samui Shopping

There are hundreds of shopping bargains to be had on Samui at almost every corner of the island. Nathon usually has the cheapest deals, Chaweng the most choices and Lamai a nice range of quirky little stores. Read More...

Top 10 Chaweng Shopping Top 10 Chaweng Shopping

Our Top 10 Shopping in Chaweng features the most renowned boutiques and shops, selected for the quality of the items they sell or for their size and prominence.  Read More...

Top 10 Lamai Shopping Top 10 Lamai Shopping

Our Top 10 Shopping in Lamai’s list features these two monuments as well as higher end smaller scale stores, most of them located in the centre of this lively resort town. From beachwear to silver jewellery, there’s something for everyone in Lamai. Read More...

Most Popular Shopping
/phuket/portals/kosamui-com/homepage/nathon-shopping/samui-hot-club Samui Hot Club

Samui Hot Club has row after row of colourful sarongs, T-shirts, beachwear and more, all billowing under extra-strong ceiling and floor fans. Read More...

Chaweng Walking Street Chaweng Walking Street

It’s hard to imagine shoppers in the West sipping on cocktails while out shopping but at Chaweng Walking Street Market you can do just that. Chaweng Walking Street is a riot of colours, sounds and scents. Read More...

Buddy Oriental Plaza Buddy Oriental Plaza

This sleek shopping plaza is just south of Lamai on the island’s ring road. With plenty of parking and appealing post-colonial design, it’s all meant to complement the Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort and does so in style. Read More...

Maenam Walking Street Maenam Walking Street

Mae Nam’s walking street is only a couple of hundred metres long but it’s packed with interesting stalls, snack vendors and even mobile cocktail bars! Read More...


Other Shopping

Samana Boutique Samana Boutique

Located on Bophut’s main street, Samana is an attractive boutique aimed mostly at lady shoppers and features original beachwear, dresses, shoes, hats, bags and general accessories. Read More...

Lamai Night Plaza Lamai Night Plaza

In the centre of town, diagonally opposite McDonald's and leading to a bar beer square, you'll find a mini-version of Bangkok's Patpong night market. It's a fun place to get your shopping in. Read More...

Samui Shopping Malls & Supermarkets Samui Shopping Malls

A few years ago shopping choices were limited in Samui but now that a stronger permanent resident presence is settling down several malls and lots of supermarkets have sprung up to meet the need. Read More...

Shopping by Area

Bophut Beach Shopping Bophut Beach Shopping

Bophut Beach is a great place to buy beautiful furniture and the Fisherman's village has some nice souvenir shops. The best way to shop in Bophut is to park and have a good stroll around. Read More...

Chaweng Shopping

Chaweng is one of the best places to shop with entire length of the beach road is taken up with stores selling goods of every description - from clothes and jewelry to electronics.  Read More...

Lamai Shopping Lamai Shopping

Lamai Beach has a much smaller shopping zone than Chaweng so it doesn't have quite as much choice but there's still plenty to keep you occupied. Read More...

Maenam Shopping

Maenam is more of a residential area than a shopping hub but in amongst the cafes and restaurants there are some great shops, mainly selling teak and Asian-style furniture. Read More...

Nathon Shopping

Nathon is Samui's administrative centre and where the locals head to do some shopping at low prices. The two main roads in Nathon are filled with shops and stalls. Read More...

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Koh Samui Shopping
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