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Sericulture and silk weaving is a longstanding traditional activity in Thailand, either as a primary or secondary occupation of the people. Silk threads will be meticulously weaved into the fabric, expressing the weaver's creativity and local cultures through its unique color and designs. At present, silk threads left from the drawing process are manufactured into silk powder.

It contains beneficial amino acids that strengthen the skin cells and give a smoother touch to the skin. These substances also stimulate the generation of collagen to make the skin firm. Also, antioxidants and anti-microorganism substances in the powder help in the healing of the wounds, minimize inflammation and wrinkle, and make the skin healthy.

Thai silk powder, it becomes valuable and is used in pharmaceutical industry, food supplements, and especially cosmetics. The very small size of the powder particle makes it easy to be absorbed into the cells and fully benefits them. 

Sukko Spa

The only cultural spa in Samui with the theme of "Spice of Srivijaya" is creatively designed to respond each specific lifestyle with the treatement based on Thai Ayuraveda philosophy and Asian spice in the ambience of timeless era in Srivijaya.

At the Kingdom of Sukko, traditional Thai culture has been revived to suit various lifestyles. You will experience time-honored wisdom straight from the pages of history books and relax with life aesthetics and various ways to nourish your happiness.

Spa Service Hours
Every day: 10:00 - 20:00, Latest time to book is 18:00

  • Two double Spa Treatment Rooms with outdoor bathtub and rain shower
  • Exclusive In-Villa Spa service with the conceptual " Spice Spa Senses" 

In Villa Spice Spa Senses Services

  • 5 minutes for Sukko Welcoming foot bath ritual
  • Sipping the spicy herbal tea for time to balance your element in a day
  • Aromatic incense for spice ambience
  • Sukko music therapy during treatment
  • The Spicy herbal tea for time to balance your element in a day with healthy snack is served after the treatments
  • Spice senses of touch: tips for hand massage together
Spicy Love

Signature Treatment of the Resort (180 min)

To make your holiday a special and meaningful time together. Exotic herbs, sweet fragrance of tropical flowers, golden powder of Royal Thai silk and sensuous scent of aromatic oil are luxurious ingredients for romantic lovers; intensify your love for each other.

  • Lady's secret herbal body scrub for her or clarifying herbal body scrub for him
  • Rose of Love Aromatic bath
  • Design Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Royal Thai Silk facial treatment for her or Prince Charmin facial treatment for him
  • Tea for Time

Sense of Silk

Signature Treatment of the Resort (210 min) 

Royal Thai Silk is not only luxuriously luscious on your skin, but also offers you a youthful beauty. Rich in amino acids, this golden silk powder, along with precious essential oils and indigenous herbs are the best companion to counteract signs of aging, nourish the skin and sooth the senses, leaving you feel as smooth as Silk of Siam.

  • Royal Thai Silk Body Mask
  • Floral Milk Baht
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Royal Thai Silk Facial Spa
  • Tea for Time 
Spa Packages

Masculine Line
This treatment is specially catered for hard working urban men who really need a pleasure sanctuary. Ranging from healing herbs remedies to Thai massage, all aim to de-stress, condition and pamper masculine senses and systems

Jet Lag Away
Combating jet lag with this rejuvenating treatment will leave you feeling fresh and being recovered from the stress of your long trip.

Against The Sun
Being scrubbed the whole body with healing herbs and then massaged with vitamins- rich virgin coconut oil will strengthen the skin, thus helping it cope with harsh UV rays. Do not go against the sun without “Against the Sun” that smell great, feel great and do a great job

After Sport Series
If you feel achy all over your body after activity of sport, this treatment is your best solution. Therapeutic herbs and reviving essential oils, along with Sukko Massage will relieve muscle aches and pains and invigorate fatigue mind.

Sabai Sabai
It's time to unwind and de-stress after a crazy day at work. Let's Sabai Sabai or take it easy. Let the detoxification property of fresh Spirulina and marine algae, along with soothing scent of aromatic massage oil calm and greet you after a long tiring day.

After Sun Soother
To take immediate action to the burn, let’s say Aloe to it. Aloe Vera, an anti- inflammatory and cooling natural gel, along with very soothing essential oils, have extra healing power to sooth the sore after spending time in the sun

Thai Beauty Secret
This traditional beauty remedy, using abundance of indigenous herbs aims to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, keeping Thais looking younger than their actual age. Come experience the benefits of the healing properties of nature, relying on its life force to deliver a goodness bust to your skin and see the wonders it can do for you.

Down To Earth
When life leaves you up in the air, healing touch by traditional massage and facial treat by ancient remedy will create a feeling of deep relaxation and contribute pleasure to all the senses.

Cellulite Solution
The goodness from fresh Spirulina algae and marine seaweed, accompanied by tropical spicy aromas in the restorative value of acupressure massage will assist to lessen and prevent the appearance of cellulite. By combating the effects of toxin over-loaded, water retention is relived, sluggish circulation is improved and the whole system is purified. Feeling the whole new you

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